• Preventative Dentistry

  • Preventive dental care is extremely important in maintaining a healthy mouth and beautiful teeth. Having regular preventive care is the best way to make sure your teeth last your entire lifetime. It is cost effective in the long run by helping avoid having to undergo major dental procedures because problems will be caught early.

    Dental Examination

    During your initial dental examination, our staff will take the recommended X-rays to examine the internal healthiness of your mouth. Patients then receive a thorough examination of their teeth, gums, tongue, jaw, and neck. Your jaw joints are examined for issues such as TMD disorder. An Oral Cancer screening will be preformed. Assessing your gums in detail (probing pocket depths) will tell us if any gum disease exists or further care is needed. A treatment plan will be proposed and discussed between the patient and dentist. Recommendations and options are discussed

    Dental Cleaning

    Professional dental cleanings are recommended twice a year for patients of all ages to prevent cavities, and gum disease. Although homecare of brushing and flossing is important, a dental cleaning twice a year can help prevent major dental issues. An ultrasonic scaler (high frequency sound and water waves) is used along with a small suction to help remove tartar along the gumline. Hand scalers are then used to remove the remaining tartar. The hygienist will polish with pumice and floss the interproximals of your teeth.  

    Dental Sealants

    Some teeth have very deep crevices and grooves, which tend to collect germs and food particles. A dental sealant is a very thin tooth colored plastic coating applied in the grooves on the surface of the back teeth where chewing occurs. The sealant protects the tooth from decay. Most kids and teenagers who have deep grooves and are more prone to cavities are advised to get sealants to prevent future decay.

    Sealants are easy and pain free. First, the tooth is thoroughly cleaned  with a flavorless polish then a gel which gets the tooth ready to bond with the sealant material is applied on the chewing surface of the tooth for just a few seconds. The tooth is washed of the gel then the sealant is simply painted on the surface of the tooth. To help the sealant to harden a curing light is shined on it. This is a very simple and pain free procedure that requires no injections and the result is a shield that will protect the tooth for many years to come.

    Fluoride Treatments

    Fluoride treatments help in the prevention of tooth decay, sensitivity, and as well as protecting the surface enamel of the teeth. We offer a “paintable” fluoride treatment at the dental cleaning appointment that is available in many fun flavors! Most insurances cover fluoride treatment for children only up to about age 16.