• Family Dentistry

  • At Pearl Dental Center, our dentistry team is enthusiastic about providing a strong foundation for fabulous oral hygiene. Pearl Dental Center's expert staff are dedicated to ensuring our Pepperell and surrounding community patients receive thorough care during their dental examinations and cleanings.

    Baby's First Visit:

    We start seeing children as young as 6 months old or when the first baby teeth erupt. Sometimes we are able to have the child open depending on cooperation. It is advised to bring your child at a young age to get them used to cooperating, establishing a relationship with the dentist, and have them exposed to what goes on at a routine dental visit so it does not become intimidating and negative.

    Family Visits:

    We understand family life can be hectic! If your family is large, we will try to accommodate you and your family to be seen at the same time. This will eliminate the number of appointments you need to keep returning for.